Wednesday, December 22, 2010

new songs for Dec. 22nd, 2010

here they are:

"Discoverer" by R.E.M.: It seems as though when R.E.M. have caught peoples' attention the most within the past couple years is when they just rock out! "Supernatural Superserious" was a surprisingly hard-rockin' song for the Georgian alt-rock group, and it was the first one that got noticed of theirs back in '08. It seems as though the same case can be made with "Discoverer", another rockin' tune that bears similarity to their '87 song "Finest Worksong". "Discoverer" has a bit of a steadier beat than the rather loose one of "Supernatural Superserious", but it's still very much of an attention grabber. As a big R.E.M. fan myself, I'm proud to say, welcome back, guys!!

"Louder Than Ever" by Cold War Kids: Cold War Kids have been around for almost 5 years by now, and have received their fair share of attention through the "edgier" alt-rock stations with songs like "Hang Me Up to Dry" and "Something Is Not Right With Me". So my question is, how come it's taken until now for adult alt radio to catch up with Cold War Kids, a band who has a rather indie-fied take on U2's sound?! "Louder Than Ever" really doesn't sound that much different from CWK's other material. It still has the same U2-ish sound as their other material. Personally I would have thought "Hang Me Up to Dry", with its piano dominated sound, would have made it to the adult alt airwaves successfully, but it didn't. Well, enough griping and wondering. "Louder Than Ever" is still an awesome tune with a great melody and fresh guitar sounds!