Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New songs for Jan. 26th, 2011

here they are:

"Cry Cry Cry" by Nicole Atkins: Not too many people know Nicole Atkins, but it's high time they did, I think! She created a minor buzz on adult alt stations back in '08 with the somewhat Regina Spektor/Kate Nash sounding "Maybe Tonight", a danceable upbeat indie pop tune with wistful, benign feminine charm. I always suspected she'd be a "one hit wonder" on such stations, but apparently I was wrong! "Cry Cry Cry" is also making a buzz on the adult alt airwaves! It continues in the same path as "Maybe Tonight", but with a bit less of an emphasis on the danceable-ness. Think what it would sound like if Regina Spektor attempted to cover a Bonnie Raitt song, and you'll probably get a pretty good idea of what "Cry Cry Cry" sounds like!

"Pyro" by Kings of Leon: Like "Radioactive" before it, "Pyro" is also becoming a fast climber on the adult alt charts!! Unlike "Radioactive"'s rivetingly raving rocker type feel, "Pyro" is more of a plaintive, poetic piece of pop-rock. Though KOL have had slower songs before ("Revelry", for instance), none of their slower material was as popular as their faster, catchier tunes, so "Pyro" marks a first in KOL history! The beat of the song sounds remarkably similar to another poetic, introspective pop/rock song ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears), and even lyrically, "Pyro" is an achingly yearning ballad (for instance, in the chorus, "I won't ever be your cornerstone"). One more interesting thing to note, neither "Pyro" nor "Radioactive" used their titles anywhere within their lyrics - I guess KOL want to try to trick us as to what the titles of their latest songs are!!