Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Talkin' bout (our) generation(s)?!

Funny thing, the two songs I'm reviewing span the "classic rock" (Stevie Nicks) and "modern/alternative rock" (Radiohead) generations, hence the title of this entry! Anyway, here they are:

"Lotus Flower" by Radiohead: It's amazing how "viral videos" will make a song that's barely a week old gain so much popularity. Such is the case with Radiohead's latest tune, "Lotus Flower", the video of which consists entirely of Thom Yorke doing a weird (but cool) dance, filmed in black and white. Anyway, on with the song. For those expecting the folk-rock-y guitars mingling with techno-y beats like they did on Radiohead's songs from about four years back ("Jigsaw Falling Into Place" and "House of Cards"), you'll probably be a bit let down, as this song has a bit more of an electro-rock focus to it. However, it does a fine job emulating "trip-hop" music (Bjork, for instance). With its Bjork-esque sound and strangely alluring video, Bjork oughta see/hear "Lotus Flower" if she hasn't already!

"Secret Love" by Stevie Nicks: Again, those expecting a folk-rock-y Stevie Nicks song a la Fleetwood Mac might be a bit disappointed. "Secret Love" is actually BETTER than I expected it to sound, though. The vibe to this song suggests Peter Gabriel and "Joshua Tree"-era U2, perhaps because Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics produced it. Though this song lacks both the aggression of "Edge of Seventeen" and the heart-melting qualities of "Landslide", "Secret Love" isn't bad, especially if Stevie is intending on expanding her audience to the Imogen Heap/Jem/Beth Orton type crowd (which it sounds like she is with this song). A job well done, I say!