Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New songs for July 11th, 2012

here they are:

"Light of Day" by Brendan Benson: Much like his better known partner from The Raconteurs, Jack White, Brendan Benson is a new school rocker with an old school sound! Brendan's latest song, "Light of Day", is a hard rockin' but oh so fun song to listen to! The chorus of the song ("Candlelight upon your face/And your darkness is my saving grace/I don't care if I ever see the light of day") seems to indicate that "Light of Day" is a love song, albeit one with quirky lyrics. If you listen to this song and feel like you just stepped out of a time machine that took you back to when The Kinks ruled the world, remember, it's supposed to make you feel that way!

"Little Black Submarines" by The Black Keys: Wait a minute!! This song starts out with acoustic guitars! Is this REALLY The Black Keys, the same guys who are known for their garage-meets-glam, fuzzed out guitars?! Yes, it is! If Led Zeppelin could make about 80 % of their entire third album acoustic, then The Black Keys can do that for one song! "Little Black Submarines" actually has the vibe of an acoustic Zeppelin song, with a chorus that seems to borrow from the part of Jethro Tull's "Aqualung", in which Ian Anderson sings, "Aqualung, my friend, don't you start away uneasy. You poor old sod, you see, it's only me" (Dan Auerbach sings, in a very similar manner to Ian Anderson, "I should have seen the glow, but everybody knows that a broken heart is blind"). The acoustic guitars of "Little Black Submarines" get blown out of the water (pun intended, haha) at about 2 minutes into the song, in which Dan and Patrick rock with reckless abandon for the remainder of it!

"Sleeping Ute" by Grizzly Bear: Their most popular song is called "Two Weeks", yet it's taken a little over two YEARS for Grizzly Bear's biggest fans to wait to have them come out with their sophomore album! And now, they finally have. In "Sleeping Ute", The Grizzlies prove that they're even more "indie" than the average indie band! Instead of taking their cues from The Byrds or Simon & Garfunkel like most of their peers tend to do, Grizzly Bear pay homage to the Syd Barrett era of Pink Floyd here! "Sleeping Ute" is a song that sounds almost as weird as its title (what IS a "Ute"?!), but enjoyably so! "Sleeping Ute" is almost more like progressive rock than indie rock (hence the Pink Floyd comparison), in that it seems more like two or three songs strung together into one song than an individual one with a consistent pattern. It also has a sound that manages to be fuzzy and dreamy simultaneously. I always knew Grizzly Bear were an eclectic band, but not this much! It's refreshing to hear that there are still bands out there willing to take on the more adventurous side of rock and roll, though!