Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last blog of the year!! (Before the Top 20 of 2012)

Only two songs, but hey, what else can you expect for December?! Anyway, here goes:

"February Seven" by The Avett Brothers: Like "Live And Die", The Avetts' smash hit on adult alt stations from earlier this year, "February Seven" also hearkens back to The Avett Brothers' pre-fame sound, using more guitars than pianos. As far as the emotional quality of "February Seven" is concerned, though, it is a much more bittersweet song than "Live And Die", but then again, bittersweet music is what The Avetts have become known for. Scott and Seth set out on another search for truth down the open road put to a Springsteen-ian lyrical stance and bluegrass instrumentation. The words "February seven(th)" are never mentioned anywhere in the song, so why is it called that?! Well, thankfully, I just found out. It has to do with how the lyrics are based on a life lesson Scott Avett learned on February 7th one year.

"Miss Atomic Bomb" by The Killers: Yet another "follow-up" single to an adult alt summer smash ("Runaways"), the explosive title of "Miss Atomic Bomb" fits its somewhat arena-ish, dynamic sound quality. Lyrically, however, it is another attempt for Brandon Flowers to write and perform Springsteen-esque lyrics (just like the last song I talked about in this week's blog) to capture the feel of a romance he experienced back in his "glory days" (if you'll pardon the pun, heheh). Flowers referring to a woman of his affections as "Miss Atomic Bomb" is probably just a reference to how "hot" the woman in question is, but somehow, I always end up picturing a girl in a radiation suit when I hear this song instead!! Perhaps that's just the literal side of my mind talking again.