Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A "light" entry

I can't resist a good ol' bad pun, what can I say?! This week's pun comes from the "light" amount of songs (only two), and how the word "phosphorescent" and the prefix "lumi-" both refer to "light" (as in light of the sun). Anyway here are today's songs. Enjoy!

"Song For Zula" by Phosphorescent: "Grey's Anatomy" has promoted quite a few adult alt songs into more popular territory, but I know few that are as beautiful (or as long) as "Song For Zula", the debut song from the band Phosphorescent. Its lush string laden sound combined with its echo-y drums recall Daniel Lanois, who was best known for producing some of the more atmospheric, poignant songs from U2. I don't know who (or what) "Zula" is, but he/she/it must have been pretty special in the band's life in order to make a song that both tugs at the heartstrings, and one that's over 6 minutes long. The length of this song is truly a rarity in 21st century music, and arguably, so is the song itself! Highly recommended!!

"Submarines" by The Lumineers: Two guys, a girl, and some of the catchiest folk-rock tunes that ever existed! That would be a good way to describe the Denver trio known as The Lumineers. "Submarines" continues the trend they have with catchy songs, but it veers in a different direction than "Ho Hey" and "Stubborn Love". Where the two aforementioned songs centered around guitars, "Submarines" centers around piano. A comparison to Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros could easily be drawn to "Submarines" because of the quasi lo-fi recording techniques the song has, combined with its sweet harmonies and unusual subject matter. The friendly sound of "Ho Hey" sounded a little like a children's song to me when I first heard it, but "Submarines" hones in that kiddie sound even more. In fact, I'd say it sounds little like another band who did a children's music influenced song about submarines that were the same color as the sun!