Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New songs for October 9th, 2013

here they are:

"Chocolate" by The 1975: The 1975, eh?! Sure doesn't SOUND like it's from 1975!! The origin of this enigmatically named band actually comes from a book of beat poetry that was dated, "June 1st, The 1975". No sign of Ginsberg or Kerouac in this song, though. However, a parallel can be drawn to "musical beat poets" like Lou Reed, since "Chocolate" is about heroin, albeit in more of a tragic manner than an eerie, sprawling one. The title of the song is actually a reference to heroin, and how the sister of The 1975's lead singer used to be an addict.

"Stranger" by Devil Makes Three: The word "devil" may be a part of their name, but don't make the assumption that Devil Makes Three are a metal or punk band just because of this. Devil Makes Three are a rather eclectic group whose musical style cannot be easily identified! Their breakthrough song, "Stranger", appears to be a blend of folk, jazz, and blues that sounds like it came out at least half a century ago! The lyrics of the song contain spooky imagery, but more of a fun kind of "spooky" than a truly depressing or disturbing one (i.e., "Better pray to the moon in the middle of the night"), and the song itself has the vibe of someone sneaking up on you when you least expect it (but once again, in a playful manner). Just in time for Halloween!!

"Temple" by Kings of Leon: As hard rock group Nazareth famously claimed in the mid-1970's, "love hurts"! Kings of Leon's latest song, "Temple", makes that claim in a rather literal manner!! As Caleb Followill sings about how he'll "take one for the temple" in the chorus, he's referring to taking a shot to the head in order to prove his love for a girl. Ouch! The fun, breezy vibe of the song disguises all the painful imagery, though, and makes it sound more like a summertime romance sort of song.