Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New songs for July 2nd, 2014

here they are:

"Gimme Something Good" by Ryan Adams: Ryan Adams could easily be likened to a younger Neil Young, with his tendency to switch between heartfelt, acoustic ballads, and electrifying, arena ready rockers. The "rock side" of Ryan's material seems to be largely influenced by U2 and Bruce Springsteen. Opting for a Tom Petty style sound is not something I recall Ryan Adams doing. Until now, that is. "Gimme Something Good" clearly recalls Tom Petty, circa the late '70s/early '80s, in many ways. First off, there's that mix of roots-y but gutsy electric guitar that evokes the sound that The Heartbreakers' Mike Campbell typically used, and there's even a keyboard in the background that sounds remarkably like Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench. To top it all off, the chorus of "Gimme Something Good" kinda sounds like "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around", Petty's duet with Fleetwood Mac vocalist, Stevie Nicks. Not sure if Petty would be honored or insulted if he heard this song, but chances are, probably one of the two. With Petty having recently released a new record, it'd be interesting to find out what he thinks of Ryan Adams' latest song!!

"Goshen '97" by Strand of Oaks: The title of the song is never mentioned in the lyrics, but it's a pretty clear statement of what the song is about. It is a no-frills, cheekily nostalgic look back on what life was like for Strand of Oaks' lead singer, Timothy Showalter, in Goshen, Indiana, back in 1997. The chorus of the song tells it all, as Showalter creakily growls that he was "lonely but (he) was having fun", and that he does not want to "start all over again". Various bits of '90s nostalgia are laced through the song, from its mention of "singing Pumpkins in the mirror" (Smashing Pumpkins), to the fact that Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J. Mascis provides guest guitar work on the song. Welcome to the '90s!

"Rainbow" by Robert Plant: From Zeppelin to zen. This seems like an apt way of describing how Robert Plant's recent work has turned out. Yes, he still performs rock music, but not the mighty, thunderous roar of Led Zeppelin. Instead, it is a more mature, transcendentally influenced, and almost meditative form of rock music. His latest song, "Rainbow", continues in this pattern, having not only a peaceful sound, but soothing, hippie-like lyrics as well, especially when he describes himself as being the "rainbow" in the title of the song. "I will sing my song for you, and carry on", Plant sings, in a blissfully existential manner. Also, I'm sorry to dash the hopes of any Led Zeppelin fans who might be reading this, but Plant is not planning a reunion tour with the band, as he would much rather focus on the here and now than dwell on the past.