Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New songs for August 6th, 2014

here they are:

"Gotta Get Away" by The Black Keys: The Black Keys' latest record, "Turn Blue", has been interesting so far!! The infectious funk-pop of "Fever" and the more adventurous, uneven, "Weight of Love" were already reviewed on the site earlier this year. For all their experimentation, though, it is great to hear The Black Keys return to their rock 'n' roll roots on "Gotta Get Away", their third single from "Turn Blue". No fancy tricks here, just basic, three-chord rock! To give the song a good ol' American flavor, famous cities like Kalamazoo and Atlanta are mentioned in the song. Try, though you may, there's no getting away from "Gotta Get Away"!!

"The Great Unknown" by Jukebox the Ghost: Taking a detour away from the blues and into more contemplative territory, our only other song of the week comes to us from Jukebox the Ghost, an upbeat indie-pop group who named themselves after the lyrics of a song by avant-rock legend Captain Beefheart, but whose music sounds far more mainstream than the Captain's. Jukebox the Ghost's latest tune, "The Great Unknown", does not take any ventures into the unknown of the music world. It does, however, have a charm all its own, with its simple but universal message about how "there's something waiting for you in the great unknown". Built around a piano riff that sounds like it got caught between the sentimentality of Five For Fighting and the wit of Ben Folds, "The Great Unknown" is a song that aims to bring change not to the world, but to your heart.