Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New songs for March 18th, 2015

here they are:

"Crystals" by Of Monsters and Men: Yet another band whose peak was during the early 2010's has released a song for the middle of the decade. Many of those bands have tried experimenting with different sounds. Mumford and Sons added electric guitars into their normally acoustic sound, Alabama Shakes upgraded from '60s R & B to '70s funk, and Florence and The Machine finally have a song with an audible guitar sound. So why does the latest Of Monsters and Men sound like...well...Of Monsters and Men?! Perhaps the main reason that the Icelandic folk-rock sensations have stuck with their original sound is because they just didn't feel a need to change it up. Don't get me wrong, I am all for experimentation, but there's something about folk-rock music that just tugs at my heartstrings. Sure, people like Bob Dylan and Neil Young made quite a successful leap from folk to rock in the past, but they are rare musicians to come by! The themes of obscure European mythology that Of Monsters and Men had on a lot of their last songs resurfaces in "Crystals" as well. Once again, though, I couldn't be happier. Perhaps some bands are better off without experimentation!

"The Wrong Year" by The Decemberists: A song with rather Shakespearean lyrics and music that combines Celtic folk with R.E.M.?! That can only mean one thing!! The Decemberists now have yet another song that has been released in their ever-growing catalog! So many reasons to love this band! For one, their name contains my birth month! For another, they tend to have lyrics that are both cryptic and insightful along with the jingle-jangle folk-rock sound of their music. The chorus states that "the rain falls on the wrong year, and it won't leave you alone", which could mean any number of things (though it's probably something to do with bad luck of sorts). One more thing to love about them is how a lot of their songs, including this one, tend to be narratives.