Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New songs for April 29th 2015

here they are:

"Fade Out Lines" by The Avener: This song blends the best of two unlikely worlds, upbeat funk music and sad, minor key music. Behind the funky beat of "Fade Out Lines" lies its heartbroken, struggling lyrics, which state that, "The shallower it grows, the fainter we go". Guest vocalist Phoebe Killdeer from new wave cover band Nouvelle Vague provides the sublime yet detached vocals in this song. Not every day that you get lovelorn lyrics wed to funky beats, but somehow, they manage to gel pretty well this time around!

"Head Over Heels" by JD McPherson: What if Nirvana's song "About A Girl" was released more than 50 years ago?! Probably not a question on anyone's mind, but that's pretty much what JD McPherson's latest song, "Head Over Heels", sounds like. It is built around two chords, G major and B flat major, the pattern of which sounds strikingly similar to the E minor to G major shift in the verses of "About A Girl". Coincidentally, "About A Girl" was a song that Kurt Cobain intended to sound like an early Beatles tune. Perhaps JD is (unintentionally) doing Kurt a favor?! Time will tell!

"Language of the Dead" by Delta Spirit: A very late entry, as the single for this song has actually been out since February, but better late than never, I say! This song packs quite a punch, lyrically!! That is to say, it's a whammy of pop culture trivia! Agamemnon (whom I studied in class recently) and Ulysses are both mentioned, as are Tolstoy and Robert E. Lee. The only icon in the song who is not dead is Bob Dylan. Towards the end of the song, we are dealt a different kind of whammy altogether, when lead singer Matthew Vasquez gives his own personal "take that" to "inspirational" songs and poems everywhere, by saying, "dreamers, get your own dream!"