Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New songs for July 15th, 2015

here they are:

"Outta My Mind" by The Arcs: Who are The Arcs, I thought this was The Black Keys!! That's because it IS The Black Keys. Well, kinda. It's their lead singer Dan Auerbach's side project. The title of this song, "Outta My Mind", serves as an apt description of the song in the sense that its mildly post-psychedelic sound will drive you "out of your mind" when you hear it!! (In a good way, of course). With its fresh, funky sound, "Outta My Mind" is probably gonna end up being one of the number one jams of the summer!!

"Winning Streak" by Glen Hansard: Glen Hansard's newest song isn't as soulful as "Love Don't Leave Me Waiting", and nor is it as poignant as "Falling Slowly". Instead, it falls somewhere in between the two, sounding a bit more like a second, or possibly third rate version of The Head and The Heart more than it does Glen Hansard. Perhaps constantly injecting passion into his songs has taken its toll on Glen, though. Glen himself apparently thinks of "Winning Streak" as a song written to a friend, in hopes that he/she is doing well. Simple, but still effective.