Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New songs for January 20th 2016

here they are:

"(Baby) Hold On" by The James Hunter Six: Could it be?! Have The James Hunter Six, who probably fooled many people into thinking they were both black and from the mid 1960's (neither of which would be true, despite how their music sounds), gone even further back in time than they did three years ago?! Well, with the release of their latest song, "(Baby) Hold On", not to be confused with a similarly named song by Eddie Money, it appears that they have gone further back in time than the '60s! James has pulled a Nick Waterhouse on us, evoking a sultry jazz-rock sound that wouldn't seem out of place in a "James Bond" film! Both the guitars and the saxes absolutely wail on this song! Perhaps one of the biggest treats, though, is how this song (and its album) are being produced by Daptone Records, a record company that is most famous for producing songs by another '60s soul revival styled group, Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings. This oughta be good!

"Don't You Give Up On Me" by Lissie: This song marks a turning point in Lissie's career. The 33-year-old folk-rocker typically has songs filled with some combination of angst and urgency, especially the Alanis Morissette-esque "Shameless". "Don't You Give Up On Me" is the first Lissie song I have heard that strives more for vibes of positivity than urgency. No one seems to know what Lissie's life has been like outside of the studio, but with her lyrics almost always indicating frustration with her love life, she's probably been through a lot. Perhaps "Don't You Give Up On Me" is about trying to change direction and make a new start, as there doesn't seem to be even a hint of dissatisfaction with romance in the lyrics. I guess we'll find out, won't we?!

"Lost Weekend" by Pete Yorn: No, "Lost Weekend" is not a reference to that time in John Lennon's life when he spent more time with May Pang than he did with Yoko Ono, for those who may be wondering. Instead, the title is a reference to Yorn's life in and of itself. The New Jersey folk-rocker has now hit his early 40's (can you believe it?!), and "Lost Weekend" is basically about how you should hold on to the good things and good times while they last. With me being just two years shy of my 30's, I can certainly relate to this song! It really is amazing just how quickly life can pass you by!

"Love Me" by The 1975: As Joni Mitchell once said, "You don't know what you've got 'till it's gone". Those lyrics could very well apply to this song, which came out just 3 months before David Bowie's death and sounds an awful lot like the late British rocker's song, "Fame". The members of The 1975 probably weren't even thinking about the possibility of David Bowie's life being on the brink when they released "Love Me", yet with the song's main riff bearing an uncanny resemblance to "Fame", it makes for quite a powerful tribute song, even if they didn't plan it that way! Another thing is that "Fame" came out in the year 1975. Perhaps The 1975 are trying to sound like the YEAR 1975?! You just never can tell, can you?! Also, there's one more thing for Bowie fans (or fans of any good music, really) to like about this song. One of the lyrics openly mocks Kim Kardashian, referring to her (and her fashion) as "Karcrashian"!!

"Off the Ground" by The Record Company: The Record Company?! WHICH Record Company?! WB?! Elektra?! Capitol Records?! Nope, just a band whose name happens to be "The Record Company". Whichever company/-ies the band's name is a reference to must be a lowdown and funky one, judging from the sound of their debut single, "Off the Ground"!! Whoo! Following in the footsteps of such 2010's blues-rock sensations as The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, and Gary Clark Jr., The Record Company seem to have a knack for layin' down the blues in a sizzling, dirty style! The guitar has a burnin', smoky sound, but that bass has such a swingin', seductive hook as well! Should have pretty immediate appeal to fans of The Rolling Stones, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. Rock and roll is alive!!

"Wipeout Turn" by Big Head Todd and The Monsters: And speaking of classic rock, '90s rock sensations Big Head Todd and The Monsters seem to be getting back to their Dire Straits/Los Lobos-esque roots with their latest song, "Wipeout Turn". The band were best known for their "alternative" folk-rock ballads like "Bittersweet" and "Resignation Superman", which often garnered them comparisons to groups like The Wallflowers and Counting Crows during their heyday. Big Head Todd and The Monsters have some blues-y chops that often go sorely unnoticed, though. Todd "Big Head Todd" Park Mohr, the band's namesake, may not be anyone's idea of the next Hendrix or Clapton, but he can still rock it. "Wipeout Turn" actually has one of Big Head Todd and The Monsters' best guitar solos I've heard in quite some time, actually, with its one and a half minutes of just the right amount of precision and speed bringing the song to a quick, scorchin' end!