Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New songs for February 17th 2016

here they are:

"All Day All Night" by Moon Taxi: Not to be confused with the similarly titled "All Day And All of the Night" by The Kinks. In fact, it's safe to say that this song is like that one's opposite! It's mellow, slow, and tropical, as opposed to the loud, fast, and urban vibe of the Kinks song. One reason Moon Taxi's "All Day All Night" has been getting attention lately is because of (you guessed it) the Grammys. No, they weren't actually featured on the program, but the band and the song were both featured on a McDonald's commercial that aired a couple of times during the program. McDonald's AND the Grammys? Way to hit the big time! I can see why McDonald's wanted to use this song on its commercials, too. It's the perfect "have a good time" song that Mickey D's customers probably want to hear when they're just chilling and eating lunch. Of course, if they overdose on Big Macs they'll have heart and stomach problems that are probably better associated with the roughness of the Kinks song than they would be with the smoothness of this song!

"Born Again Teen" by Lucius: This song marks a return to form to the energetic, sugary indie-pop style that Lucius originally had back when they debuted in late 2013 with "Turn It Around". "Born Again Teen" is actually even more bouncy than "Turn It Around" was. The "teen" feeling in the song is invoked in both the lyrics and in the sound. No, it doesn't sound like a "boy band" song, for those who are wondering (after all, Lucius are not male themselves). Instead, it sounds more like a "girl group" song from the early '60s, but with an added flavor of the more modern type of sweet-and-sour girl-pop like, say, Liz Phair, maybe. Bubblegum pop with an edge, that's what this song is! If that's your thing, then please give this song a listen!