Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New songs for May 31st, 2017

here they are:

"Automatic" by Mondo Cozmo: Mondo Cozmo won the hearts of millions with their simple yet sentimental folk-rock tune, "Shine", back in fall of last year. You might be surprised to know that Mondo Cozmo's second big song, "Automatic", doesn't contain even a trace of "Shine"'s sincere, earnest folk-rock sound. Instead, it sounds a bit more like something Moby might have done, with its combination of melodic vocals and dance-pop-y music. Joshua Ostrander (who, by himself, is "Mondo Cozmo") was apparently influenced by Beck with both this song and Mondo Cozmo's other material, and how no Beck song sounds like the other. Joshua wants Mondo Cozmo to be perceived in the same manner. I'd say he's succeeded so far!

"City of Angels" by The Head and The Heart: What better subject matter for a song than falling in love with someone in my own hometown?! Well, while the topic of the song might be a good one, "City of Angels" seems to crank out more of the "new" Head and The Heart sound that they've had ever since spring of last year. The piano is still there, but the acoustic guitars are not present, just as they were absent on "All We Ever Knew" and "Rhythm And Blues". The sound of "City of Angels" suggests a slightly more rocking and roots-y version of Coldplay. One thing the song has going for it is how it becomes a bit slower midway through.

"He's Fine" by The Secret Sisters: The Secret Sisters might have been able to remain a secret from traditional FM radio stations, but adult alt and indie-folk audiences have known about them for quite awhile now. "He's Fine" looks like it will be their first significant adult alt radio hit, and not without reason. The sound of this song seems to emulate recent all-girl indie-folk acts, such as First Aid Kit and Joseph, as opposed to the bluegrass-rock sound they've become known for among fans. "He's Fine" might sound cute and fluffy on the surface, but upon closer listening, it becomes clear that the song is actually about a guy, Davey White, who has been seeing another girl and is still "fine" with the fact that he has betrayed his former lover's heart. Love might not be easy, but music always is!

"Mourning Sound" by Grizzly Bear: Grizzly Bear have often been known for their sleepy yet neo-psychedelic sound. Songs of theirs like "Sleeping Ute" and "Yet Again" are drenched with fuzzy guitar feedback, yet they still manage to sound dreamy. "Mourning Sound" is kind of like that, although it might be the first Grizzly Bear song to use artificial percussion instead of opting for the real thing. There is also noticeably more droning synthesizer used in "Mourning Sound" than there is on Grizzly Bear's other material. With a title like "Mourning Sound", I was expecting this song to sound bittersweet and melancholy. Instead, it sounds like a techno song mated with a psychedelic song that somehow got lost in the woods.

"Whiteout Conditions" by The New Pornographers: The NP's are really expanding their sound on their latest album! Their sound could typically be described as power pop, but their surprisingly big adult alt radio hit, "High Ticket Attractions", could be viewed as their hardest rocking track yet, recalling the sound of bands like The Cars, whose chunky, meaty guitar riffs were just as notable as their breezy, summery vibe overall. The title track of The New Pornographers' latest album, "Whiteout Conditions", also allows the band to explore previously uncharted musical territory. It might just be the most synth heavy NP's song yet. Its icy yet danceable sound recalls that of groups like Joy Division, The Cure, and Depeche Mode.