Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sorry folks - only two for this week

Well, I figured two was better than nothin'. So here goes:

"New Morning" by Alpha Rev: Nothing like a bittersweet, melancholy indie-pop/rock song to get me in the right kinda mood. And Alpha Rev delivers this well with their latest, "New Morning". This seems to evoke a sound similar to Radiohead (circa "The Bends"), Jeff Buckley, and Coldplay (back when they debuted in 2000 with "Parachutes"). It is a very earnest, winsome song, in such a way that although I don't know the lyrics well enough yet, it has already won me over!

"The Bringdown" by Bob Schneider: Not quite a "new" song, since it's been gaining airplay on the radio for a good two or so weeks now, but since I haven't reviewed it yet, I figured that now would be a good time to do so. It's a good song, but it pales deeply in comparison to Schneider's previous adult alt. radio hit, "40 Dogs (Like Romeo And Juliet)". Where "40 Dogs" was earnest, catchy, and lyrically clever, "The Bringdown" seems to live up to its title - it's more watered down. Like I said, it's not a bad song, but I'm pretty sure Schneider could do better than this.