Wednesday, March 3, 2010

again, just two songs - but they're good ones

This time around, from Pete Yorn and Greg Laswell. Enjoy!

"Paradise Cove" by Pete Yorn: This song captures all that I love about most of Pete Yorn's material! It features lovely harmony, folk-rock influenced instrumentation, and a wistful, somewhat bittersweet melody. Funny how in the chorus, Yorn keeps repeating, "I got what I wanted and it wasn't enough". This IS enough for me! Love this song! Though I can't help but feel like musically it's basically a cross between Death Cab for Cutie's "Soul Meets Body" and Guster's "Satellite". But I love both of those songs, too, so this is worth checking out!

"Take Everything" by Greg Laswell: This one is off of Laswell's "Covers" CD (which features a cover of the song "The Killing Moon" by Echo and The Bunnymen, among others). So I was surprised to learn that this was a song that was originally done by '90s one hit wonders Mazzy Star (best known for "Fade Into You"). After listening to Laswell's version, I decided to take a listen to the original since I had never heard it before. I must say, I like the original a lot better! However, Laswell's stab at this song isn't bad. It retains (or at least tries to) the melancholy vibe of the original in a way that bands like Snow Patrol or Radiohead might do (and I love both of those bands!) But, surprisingly, the original is only melancholy for the first half. It uses an electric guitar to pick up the slack towards the middle and carries on through the end (it made the original sound a little like "What's Up?" by fellow '90s one hit wonders, 4 Non Blondes). However, Laswell's version is entirely acoustic (and about a minute shorter, too). So if you wanna check out Mazzy Star's version of this song, please do so! But it's worth checking out this version, too (though I highly recommend hearing the original first).