Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spencer Griffin's New Music...THURSDAYS?! Day Late, Dollar Short

The site I usually check on to update me for new material was a day late for some reason. Anyway I DO have some new songs now (though not very many). Here they are:

"All the Time" by The Strokes: When I think of music by The Strokes, "mellow" is not usually the first word that comes to mind! They're best known for their 21st century take on garage rock, like "Last Nite" and "Reptilia", the latter of which has elements of new wave in it as well. Well it seems as though new wave is what The Strokes want to concentrate on now. They have gone from being the new Velvet Underground to being more like the new Cars. "All the Time" shouldn't be a total letdown to longtime fans of the band, though, as there are still plenty of juicy guitar hooks and catchy beats putting energy into the song, but it lacks an "in-your-face" quality like most of their songs do. "All the Time" might be a turn in another direction for The Strokes, but at least it has a "stroke" of genius in there somewhere, hardy-har-har!

"Hearts And Minds" by Son Volt: It's another of many bluegrass tinged rock tunes for the 2010's, but Son Volt have been at that sorta game since the mid 1990's, so they've been doing it longer than most of 'em have! Son Volt usually have a "meaty" sound with a slightly twang-y electric guitar reminiscent of groups like The Old '97s, but their latest song, "Hearts And Minds", has a more subdued sound, like The Avett Brothers or The Civil Wars. Perhaps "Hearts And Minds" goes a step further from being called "bluegrass-rock", as it is more like a bluegrass WALTZ, if you listen closely to the rhythm of the song. "Hearts And Minds" makes for a nice "road song", but more like the kind you'd want to hear when you're heading back from a vacation at dusk, as opposed to the hot, blazing, "Born to Be Wild"-ish sound one might think of first when the term "road song" is mentioned.