Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New songs for October 22nd, 2014

here they are:

"Unpack Your Heart" by Phillip Phillips: We've all heard of the term "arena rock", but so far, only Phillip Phillips has pulled off "arena folk" - lilting, acoustic guitar playing, accompanied by lively drums and string sections. Phillips tends to have songs that are either deep in thought or uplifting, and "Unpack Your Heart" definitely falls into the latter category in terms of how it sounds. Phillips' repeated urging his listeners to "bring their secrets" and "unpack their hearts" sounds rather deep in thought without the musical accompaniment, but with all the vivacious instrumentation in the background, perhaps the best way to describe "Unpack Your Heart" is "sincere".

"You + Me" by You and Me: Wow. I don't think anyone has seen a musical redundancy of music like this since Bad Company's song, "Bad Company" (which was also from the ALBUM "Bad Company"). You and Me (the band, that is, not the song) is a duo consisting of pop sensation, P!nk (whose name I can't pronounce anymore since she just had to put that stupid exclamation point in the middle of it!), and Dallas Green from indie-pop one man band, City and Colour. The somber folk-rock sound of the song is typical of Dallas, but not of Pink (oh, ex-CUSE me, I meant "P!nk"). Then again, P!nk has tried hard to drift away from the pure pop sound she became known for for awhile now, having lent her voice to songs by Butch Walker ("Here Comes the Heartache") and even The Indigo Girls ("Dear Mr. President"). "You and Me" is by far her most poignant song. It's nothing new for Dallas Green, as I mentioned before, but lately Dallas has drifted away from folk and more towards rock, so it's nice to hear him come back to his roots on this song.