Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New songs for February 4th, 2015

here they are:

"Black Sun" by Death Cab for Cutie: Whenever Death Cab releases a new song (or new album, even) it always ends up making a big splash on adult alt radio stations, so naturally, their latest song, "Black Sun", is following in the footsteps of their other material. So how good is this song REALLY?! Well, honestly, I always like when they do folk-rock-y material the best, and "Black Sun" sounds a bit more like the sort of "experimental" track that a band like Radiohead might put out, albeit with a bit more musical consistency. That being said, I think they've done better. However, it is definitely not a bad song by any means. The use of synthesizer during the chorus is rather atypical for Death Cab, but the meandering, neo-psychedelic sound of the majority of the song vaguely recalls other DCFC songs like "Meet Me On the Equinox". Was Death Cab's comeback for 2015 worth it?! You be the judge. I personally think there's gonna be more in store for the band as the year progresses.

"Sedona" by Houndmouth: Houndmouth's music recalls the country-folk-blues-rock gumbo of both newcomers like Alabama Shakes and legendary groups like The Band. At least it DID for the songs on their first album. Their latest song, "Sedona", seems to be making a slightly conscious effort to sound more "indie" than their previous material. The lyrics still have a country flair (such as "John Ford said, 'Won't you hop on in, in a stagecoach, baby, gonna take you for a spin'"), and their quaint descriptions of big cities (like "hey, little Hollywood", in the chorus) tend to keep their imagery similar to what it was on their debut. I dunno about you, but to me, "Sedona" is less like The Band and more like Band of Horses. Still worth listening to, though.