Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New songs for February 25th, 2015

here they are:

"Archie, Marry Me" by Alvvays: The first thing I wondered about this song, when I heard its title, was whether any of the members of the band were named "Betty" or "Veronica". As it turns out, they are not. The lead singer of Alvvays is named Molly Rankin. Anyway, this song does have ONE thing in common with "Archie" comics, aside from its title, and that's the sunshiny, bubblegum chewing, summery fun vibe the song gives off! The "alternative surf" sound of the song brings to mind groups like Best Coast, though the subject matter here is more blissful than the typical Best Coast song.

"Flashed Junk Mind" by Milky Chance: The second hit song from German duo, Milky Chance, sounds...well...kinda like their first one! To me, that's a little disappointing, because I pretty much fell in love with "Stolen Dance" from the moment I first heard it, because of its unique blend of Latin, folk, rock, and soul. "Flashed Junk Mind" is basically more of the same where that came from, and it's even written in the same key as "Stolen Dance" (B major). It's still a catchy song, but I kinda think they can do better than this, personally.

"Midnight" by Tor Miller: TIME FOR GO TO BED!! Oh wait, that's Tor JOHNSON, from the B-movie, "The Unearthly", the only other "Tor" I have ever heard of. Anyway, Tor Miller is entertaining, too, but in a vastly different way from Tor Johnson. Right away you pretty much know how good it is, since the opening lines mention the late Jeff Buckley's album, "Grace". The song itself is more Tom Waits than Jeff Buckley, for its urban folk-jazz-rock piano blend, but with vocals that sound far more melodic than Waits' gravelly growl. "Midnight" takes place in New York City, but probably in a cafe somewhere in NYC, as opposed to one of the louder, more active places in the city.

"Silent Movies" by Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear: Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear are a rarity! It's not because they are black folk musicians. After all, people like Tracy Chapman, Leadbelly, and Richie Havens have all had successful careers in the music world. It's because the "Mama Bear" here is, in fact, a mama, and Madisen Ward is her son. Unlike Chapman, Havens, etc., Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear have rather upbeat music that depends more on making silly rhymes than on statements about politics and civil rights. Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear are a family affair like no other!!

"Take You Home" by Scars on 45: You could say that Scars on 45 are essentially a folk-rock band, but their folk-y-ness has never been as evident as it has on their latest song, "Take You Home". The fingerpicked strumming in the opening sounds a bit like the songs in the "Into the Wild" soundtrack. While "Take You Home" is lyrically a love song, like a lot of Scars' material is, the song is noticeably less pop-y than their other material. It is a very sweet and sentimental song, but in the most honest way possible!