Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Bluesy Rockin' Ladies Blog!!

What do all three of the entries for this week's blog have in common? All of 'em are performed by women who know how to sing and play the blues! So here goes:

"Anyhow" by The Tedeschi-Trucks Band: Ever since Susan Tedeschi and her equally blues-y husband Derek Trucks joined forces together 5 years ago, the two of them have taken the blues in many different directions, including country, rock, and R & B. Their latest song, "Anyhow", seems to boast a musical gumbo all its own, in which soothing lounge-style piano sounds and sultry sax sounds compete against the trademark blues-y guitar sound of the TTB. Tedeschi has gotten many comparisons to people like Bonnie Raitt, but this song might just be the most Bonnie-esque she has ever sounded, at least as far as her choice in musical style is concerned here! It is also one of the longest TTB songs, at 6 and a half minutes long!

"Call Off Your Dogs" by Lake Street Dive: In which Rachael Price and the rest of Lake Street Dive progress from mid-'60s soul to mid-'70s funk. Seems to be a rite of passage for a lot of today's progressive R & B influenced musicians (Alabama Shakes, for instance, who are coming up next) to make such a leap in their music. Those who prefer the more earthy, raw sound of Lake Street Dive's first three adult alt radio hits might be a bit disappointed here, as "Call Off Your Dogs" does sound a bit "cleaner" than those songs do. Underneath the song's disco influenced sound, though, there are still plenty of audibly funky guitar hooks that probably wouldn't sound as good in the context of a typical disco song. Perhaps this will be for Lake Street Dive what "Love Machine" was for Smokey Robinson, a song that sounds a bit more polished up than most of their material, but which will (hopefully) still be well loved among fans of the band.

"Shoegaze" by Alabama Shakes: It doesn't get more powerfully blues-rockin' than Alabama Shakes! "Shoegaze" sounds like The Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, and Prince combined into one band, in all its earthy, psychedelically soulful glory! It comes off as both an acerbic auditory assault and a hypnotic swirling trance at the same time. "Can't wait for night to come/That's when the fun really begins", Brittany Howard sings in the opening verse of the song. Music THIS freaky (and I mean that as a compliment) can ONLY come out at night!!