Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New songs for September 28th, 2016

here they are:

"Breath And Burning" by Phish: Who knew that one of the catchiest and most anticipated songs of the week would come from a band who has become known for being a Grateful Dead soundalike band?! Perhaps that's because there's not a lot of folk and bluegrass influence to be found on "Breath And Burning" as much as there is Stax R & B influence, with more than a passing resemblance to Van Morrison's jazz-rock ditty, "Domino". The lyrics of "Breath And Burning" are typical Phish, containing quasi-philosophical musings on how we come in and out of existence, but it's the musical delivery of "Breath And Burning" that truly makes it worth listening to. It is a soulful rock 'n' roll party unlike any other you may experience this year!

"Go Robot" by Red Hot Chili Peppers: Though "Dark Necessities" was a rather reflective and dialed back song for RHCP, it became one of the biggest hits of 2016. Can "Go Robot" manage to top the success of that song?! Knowing how loudly Flea turns up his bass on this track and how catchy the rhythm of the song is, there's every chance that it might! Aside from how funky the music of "Go Robot" is, its music video is funky as well! As a matter of fact, the video appears to be a spoof of "Saturday Night Fever". The video can be viewed here:

"True Sadness" by The Avett Brothers: For a song with the word "sadness" in the title, "True Sadness" sure is upbeat! What is wrong with Scott and Seth that has made them release a happy song with a sad title?! Well, nothing really. It's been done before. This is one of those songs where you just wouldn't know the real nature of it unless you listened closely enough to the lyrics of the song. "True Sadness" seems to mark the leap for The Avett Brothers from being alt-country to being more of a Southern rock group, which is interesting considering that other previously alt-country groups like Jamestown Revival and Shovels & Rope have taken the same route. Perhaps The Avetts are trendsetters of sorts in that regard.