Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New songs for September 7th, 2016

here they are:

"I Can't Stop Thinking About You" by Sting: Seems to me that this song is proof that Sting doesn't really wanna be thought of as a "new age" solo artist anymore! Instead he turns up the amps on his latest tune, the somewhat U2-ish "I Can't Stop Thinking About You", which is kinda funny considering how his own daughter released a vaguely Police-influenced tune just a month before! It may not rock as hard as, say, "Roxanne" or "Message In A Bottle", but it still comes awfully close to sounding like a "Synchronicity" outtake, which is not a bad thing by any means! I can't help but wonder who the "you" is in the song, also. At the end of the chorus, he says, "I don't even care if you exist", even though he can't stop thinking about the person in question. Perhaps this song is a philosophical rumination of sorts?! Well, I guess the more I get to know this song, the more I'll find out about it, and I'm sure I'll hear it plenty more times since it's already on its way to making the Top 20 of the Adult Alt charts for the fall season!

"Wish That You Were Here" by Florence and The Machine: Flo meets Tim Burton!! An epic combination if there ever was one!! No, I'm not saying that Tim Burton is duetting with Florence Welch (though that'd probably be pretty cool, too). I'm saying that FATM's latest song, "Wish That You Were Here", was made specifically for the soundtrack of Tim Burton's latest film, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children". "Wish That You Were Here" is a melancholy plea for love and acceptance that lasts for 6 and a half minutes, despite only consisting of two verses and a bridge. The minor key the song is written in, the sweeping effect of the baroque-pop styled orchestral instruments, and its chilling, lonesome atmosphere all add up to a song that feels like a trip into the sadder side of Florence Welch's mind, and perhaps that of Tim Burton's as well.