Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New songs for the day after the 4th of July, 2017

here they are:

"New York" by St. Vincent: You never quite know what to expect with Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent. A lot of her songs sound like a cross between Bjork and Prince, but there are also other kinds of St. Vincent songs and albums, such as her album, "Love This Giant", with new wave legend David Byrne, and songs whose questionable subject matter and titles are set off by their soothing sound, like "Laughing With A Mouth of Blood". Since I had only really come to know St. Vincent once she released her 2011 breakthrough song, "Cruel", I feel like I might have been missing out on some of the songs she did before. That being said, she probably has done sensitive ballads before, but "New York" is one of the only ballads I have heard of hers so far, and the only one on which piano is the sole accompanying instrument. "New York" is a rather mournful song, in which Annie pines that she "has lost a hero" and "has lost a friend". Not sure if she is bemoaning the loss of a person or the "loss" (artistically speaking, I guess) of New York itself, but either way, it's nice to hear yet another facet of the ever so fascinating St. Vincent catalog!

"Skin" by Rag N Bone Man: Hot on the strength of his surprise fall 2016 hit, "Human", Rag N Bone Man is now poised to put out a second hit song with "Skin". His music once again defies racial and musical boundaries in a creation that is all his own. An icy, bittersweet mix of R & B, electronica, and rock, "Skin" is a very vulnerable song, much like its predecessor, "Human". Its lyrics are a rumination on RNBM's future state, and how he will continue thinking about the object of his affections even when he grows old. Few lyrics in modern music are as heartfelt and open as, "Helpless I surrender, shackled to your love".