Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New songs for July 12th, 2017

here they are:

"Fire" by Beth Ditto: Although Beth Ditto has been a musician for a few years, she's been known more for being a promoter of positive body image than she has of her music. Until now, that is. Beth's breakthrough song, "Fire", sure lives up to its name! It is a blazing, passionate, funk and electronica influenced rock song. Lyrically, it's a song whose basic message is, "If you want my love, come get it!" Not much more explanation is needed for this scorching, sizzling summer song!

"The Gold" by Manchester Orchestra: Manchester Orchestra have actually been around for 10 years, yet it's only been within the past week or so that adult alt radio stations have begun to notice them. Their latest song, "The Gold", seems a bit like what an Arcade Fire interpretation of The Smiths' "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" might be like. The blossoming, orchestral vibes of "The Gold" bring to mind bands like Arcade Fire, as well as the earlier works of bands like Coldplay. The lyrics of the song, such as, "Couldn't really love you anymore. You've become my ceiling" could pass for either band. If Manchester Orchestra were going for "the gold" here, as their song title would indicate, then clearly they've succeeded!