Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New songs for June 10th, 2015

here they are:

“No No No” by Beirut: “No No No”, you say? “Yes Yes Yes” is more like it! This especially applies to people who were fans of Beirut before they made their first big splash on the adult alt airwaves with the decidedly pop-ier “Santa Fe”. “No No No” sounds like a French lounge song set to a reggae beat. Beirut have become well known to indie fans for mixing folk, rock, electronica, and lounge jazz, so I’m sure their primary audience will be pleased with “No No No”. Honestly, though, I don’t think “Santa Fe” was that bad either.

“Rescue Me” by Amy Helm: It was not too long ago that Levon Helm, drummer for the legendary Canadian folk-rock group, The Band, experienced a tragic death. Thankfully, Levon’s daughter, Amy, is there to carry on the Helm legacy. “Rescue Me”, Amy’s first big song, shows how her dad’s influence might have rubbed off on her. It is a passionate cry for love that seamlessly blends folk, rock, soul, and gospel, kinda like The Band did.