Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New songs for June 17th 2015

here they are:

"Dreams" by Beck: After two melancholy singles (and an entirely melancholy album), Beck has now decided to up the energy on his tunes once again, musically channeling both David Byrne and Prince in the process! Don't be fooled by the song's "dream"-y title, heheh. Most songs with the title "Dreams" are rather bittersweet (I'm looking at you, Fleetwood Mac and Cranberries). This one is most certainly not. It's basically funk from outer space. It's like someone went to the moon and put a dance floor there! Forget about walking on the moon. It's time for bouncin' and bumpin' on the moon, now!

"Let It Happen" by Tame Impala: Even MORE funk from outer space!! This time, the "space" factor is increased in this 7-minute sprawl of a song from the same guys who brought you the Black Keys-meets-Pink Floyd jam, "Elephant". "Let It Happen" is an apt title for Tame Impala's latest song, as that is exactly what they do here! They just "let it happen". Whatever goes, goes! Fade-ins, fade-outs. Rock 'n' roll, disco, dance, funk,'s all here! Get ready for a wild ride!

"Somewhere Under Heaven" by Tom Petty: Our last song of the week isn't funky or weird, but it still rocks! After all, this IS a Tom Petty song. Specifically, this one rocks in the same way Petty might have during the '80s, with its similarity to some of the more jangly, Byrds-y Petty tracks like "The Waiting". I strongly suspected this was an outtake from one of his '80s albums, but it's actually from a decade later. It's a "missing" track from his mid-'90s album, "Wildflowers". This song kinda sounds like what you might expect to hear from a song with the word "heaven" in its title. It shimmers and sparkles throughout with its shiny, glistening wall of Rickenbacker guitars. Enough to satisfy both the mellower and rougher sides of Petty's catalog!