Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New songs for June 3rd, 2015

here they are:

"Satisfy Me" by Anderson East: People like James Hunter, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, and JJ Grey and Mofro have all proved in recent years that R & B and the blues are genres that transcend race. The latest blues singin' white dude on the rise is Anderson East, whose song "Satisfy Me" is likely to do just that! Anderson brings in both the passion and the grit of '60s R & B into his debut song, as well as raw gutsy vocals and an earthy, sensual delivery of the lyrics. The only thing that is not satisfying about this song is that it's only 2 and a half minutes long. We wanna hear more!

"Someone New" by Hozier: Hozier is certainly NOT "someone new" by now. "Take Me to Church" let everyone know who he was, and he had two more hit songs after that one. It is rare to achieve four hits or more off of a single album these days, but Hozier has now managed to do so! Interesting that both this song and the last one have that "white guy singing the blues" vibe to them. Of the four songs Hozier has put out as singles so far, "Someone New" is probably the most upbeat, as most of his songs sound rather melancholy in comparison. The lyrics are pretty much trademark Hozier, with its "forbidden love" theme. Towards the end, he makes a pun on the word "stranger", using the word initially as a noun, and later as a superlative adjective. This man is truly a rarity in this day and age, but a darn good one nonetheless!